Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Most Amazing Site

Wieliczka-daVinci's The Last Supper,

sculpted in salt. Pic from Wikipedia. (link)

Courtesy of Thomas from

Living Next Door to Alice. (link)

Who linked to this a while back &
kindly looked it up again, reposting
some great links.

They're of the magnificently sculpted

works from the
Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland - (link)...

Here's the
Wikipedia entry... (link)

Thanks again, Thomas:)



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That is amazing. Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” was carved into the altar of a church in St. Louis where I was a student pastor. But that was wood. I can’t imagine sculpting salt!

rhapsody said...


Good to hear from you:)

It is amazing - I'd be happy if I could sculpt something recognizable out of clay, but it's not happening...

Will be by later today - I haven't seen Monday's jokes yet...



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