Monday, October 30, 2006

Coming in November:

Small is Still Beautiful: Economics
as if Families Mattered,

Joseph Pearce. (link)

Available (preorder) from: (link) ...

& many, many thanks
Mr. Pearce for permission
to post:)


Joanna Bogle said...

Many thanks for your comment to my "Auntie Joanna" blog. I am perfectly happy for you to recommend any of my books on your blog. Maybe my latest book "The Pope Benedict Code"? (Simply a brief life of the H. Father, plus extracts from his talks etc.) Do visit my website - just tap my name into google - and take a look at the books listed. Obviously I'd be thrilled if you were to recommend any of them.

All best wishes

Joanna B.

rhapsody said...

Thank you very much for permission to post your work, Mrs. Bogle~

I greatly enjoy your new blog- which I found through Terry at Abbey-Roads. I also listen to the show on Catholicism in history that you do with your husband- it's linked on the right directly from the EWTN audio library.

You both do wonderful work, & I thank you so much again for stopping by:)


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