Sunday, October 22, 2006

Many thanks, too...

to Dale Ahlquist, for the okay to
post his book on G. K. Chesterton:)

You know, all the times I've been
posting these books- I never thought
to ask...


I also want to point out as was
mentioned before in a
that Mr. Alquist is the
president of the American Chester-
ton Society- linked to the right...

& that he is host, along with Chuck
Chalberg, of EWTN's series, G. K.
Chesterton: The Apostle of Common
Sense, which can be listened to from
the EWTN Audio Library- an excellent
service- also linked on the right.

I have to say again- I love the EWTN
AL, as I can listen to their programs
while I'm on the computer. There are
only a few linked here- but there is
also a direct link to the complete index
of programs for your convenience.



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