Thursday, October 05, 2006

A request from

Eric Scheske from the

The Daily Eudemon (link)...

I admit nothing!

Ok, I'll 'fess up-

Geez, you're tough!

Well, I used to read quite
a bit and finish everything.
Now it's kind of a different
story- mostly due to the
fact that reading puts me
to sleep- no matter how
fascinating the subject-
which never used to hap-
pen at all- I used to read
well into the night.

Also, lousy vision is a factor
these days-

I've been told that audio
books are an excellent

& then there's always the

Which reminds me, I'm due
for new specs...

Thanks for asking.


Michelle said...

You know my opinion on new specs LOL!

Did you sleep at all whilst i was gone?? I can't imagine you did, i've been catching up on all your posts!

rhapsody said...

Hi Michelle!

Glad to see you back:) But I know you have so much to do! Well, I've been keeping some of the poems posted for anyone passing by that might enjoy them- & I'm trying to keep up with reading Terry's great posts...

Uggh! & glasses! Gotta get'em:p But I did manage to make an app't. for the dentist the other day- they're going to squeeze me in in April!


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