Monday, October 23, 2006

Have added another

category to the right,
a list of books by some
of my favorite authors,
who've given me the
okay to post:)

Am happy to add this
by Joanna Bogle, from
auntie joanna writes, (link)

Mrs. Bogle & her husband
James host EWTN's fascin-
ating series, Catholicism: The
Heart of History,
can be listened to anytime from
the EWTN Audio Library. (link)

Mrs. Bogle has also written
The Pope Benedict Code, (link)
about the life of the Holy Father,


Come on In, It's Awful!! (link)

among a few others... (link)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhapsody, Thanks for popping in to say Hi. Glad you enjoy. Take care, Merle


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