Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A film meme

from Terry, (link)

who got tagged by CC from
The Crescat. (link)

1. Your favorite film?
Desk Set

2. Your favorite film priest?
Montgomery Clift in I Confess.

3. Your favorite film nun?
The one who 'fixed' the cars at
the end of The Sound of Music.

4. Your favorite religious movie?
The Agony and the Ecstacy

5. Your favorite comedy?

Just one? I can't do it!

The Odd Couple -
I love Walter Matthau & Jack
Lemmon together, & the rest
of the card game, including Herb
Edelman as Murray the cop,
was aces:)
Saw Matthau on the Johnny
Carson show years later, & he
mentioned that he had tried to
convince the producers to give
him the part of Felix, because
it would have been more of a
stretch for him - he said with a
character like Oscar, he wouldn't
even have to show up for work,
he could just phone it in...

The Fortune Cookie, (link)
which was the first Matthau-
Lemmon pairing...

Also, anything by Mel Brooks:)

6. Your favorite action film?
Star Wars

7. Your favorite thriller?
West World

8. Your favorite foreign film?
That Hamilton Woman ('41)

9. Favorite "alternative" lifestyle film?

10. Your favorite animal film?
Planet of the Apes

11.Your favorite animated film?
Sleeping Beauty

12. Your favorite "B" movie?
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

13. Your favorite newer "B" movie?

14. Your favorite black comedy film?
(As in humor.)

15. Your favorite period film?

Fire Over England ('37)
Wuthering Heights('39)
Lydia ('41)
Caesar and Cleopatra ('45)

16. Your favorite Biblical film?
Jesus of Nazareth

17. In your opinion, the most important
film in Cinematic history?
IMO it hasn't been made yet, but
GWTW was pretty amazing.

Tagging Ladies,
& Gentlemen,
Saint Nick,
Sir Thomas:) &

Mr. P. (link)


Anonymous said...

I've got my answers up!

The hardest for me was "favorite comedy." Some days are goofier than others.

Michelle said...

Hey this is great! Too bad Montgomery Clift was gay, aahh the irony!
Loved your answers....you stole my nun! Wasn't she just grand!
Shall save mine for Saturday :o) gives me time to think!


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