Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh, guffaw!!!

Do you think they'd all fit
on a t-shirt? (link)

Posted by C.C. @
*The Crescat. (link)

*This one should come
with an added precaution:

"Absolutely NO food or
drinks within reach of your
flailing arms!"

(I could be wrong,
but I think #1 was
the best - I'll leave
that for you to decide)...


Michelle said...

Me thinks one would need to be 10ft tall to fit all of those on a shirt. Fantastic blog they have, i enjoyed reading bits and pieces on there :o)

Anonymous said...

It's true that Christopher Columbus never stopped to ask directions- but he never really got where he intended to go, did he?

rhapsody said...

Hi Thomas,

Wasn't the world still thought flat back then? It kind of makes you wonder how they navigated at all with inaccurate maps...

Unknown said...

Deacon Larry’s words remind me: “The church is like a baseball game: many attend, few understand.” (Leo Durocher)

The Crescat said...

thomas- most men don't end up where they intend to be ;-P


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