Wednesday, January 31, 2007


YOUR *CLICKS*! (link)




(It's ready when you are:)


Michelle said...

Have you listened to the podcasts yourself? I love some of my fav radio show podcasts. I wish they did them more frequently though :)

rhapsody said...

Hi Michelle,

I listen to them while surfing the net - I don't have an ipod...

I've even listened to many of the archived ones - however, the same podcast is available at a new place that I haven't been to. I couldn't access it there at first, thinking they had moved there permanently - then found out it was just another service that provided the same podcast.

I still have Podcast Alley linked on the right. It's easier for me to access them from there. I have no problem listening to Christus Vincit, but there are other podcasts I just can't get.

EWTN also offers excellent programming to listen to. Most are easy to access - some I can't figure out as they are offered in a different format. And too, some of their archived series' numbers change over time as further shows are archived - if a show is listed as #200, down the road it might be #201, etc. That becomes a problem when I've listed posts for specific interviews, & the rank & file # changes over time...


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