Saturday, January 13, 2007

I've always loved...

good story... (link)

By Leo Tolstoy -

Thomas. (link)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhapsody-

Thanks for the link! I haven't had any trouble with my comments for a while, and if I ever do, I'll catch them when I moderate. They'll never show up in my blog. (And really, it's impossible to hide on the web, anyway.)

One neat thing about that story is that it was written by Leo Tolstoy, who's know mostly for his very, very long stories. :0)

The little picture you commented on was Krishna and Jesus. I might post a bigger version of it one of these days. Many Hindu temples have an image of Jesus in them- He's considered saktyavesa-avatara, meaning "sent by God on a special mission."

rhapsody said...

Thanks for writing, Thomas -

The story you posted had an interesting, thoughtful message.
Unfortunately, if I've read anything else by Tolstoy, it was probably in school, & I don't remember...

& please pardon my lack of extensive knowledge, but was Krishna a real man also? I don't know how old a religion it is, although we did learn about the different religions in (public) school, although again, I just don't remember.

Wasn't one of the wise men possibly from that area of the east?

Anonymous said...

Hindus believe God has returned to visit several times in several incarnations. Krishna is the form He took in India 5,000 years ago.

Like most things that old, legend and reality get all kind of swirled together. Some believe it's all literally true, some think it's all figurative, most (like me) think it's something in between.

It's the same in Christianity. Was there literally a Garden of Eden, or is it a story meant to illustrate a point? The answer depends on who you ask.

I think the bible just says "from the East." That covers a lot of territory. For some reason, I'm thinking Persia, but I'd have to look it up.

On a completely different topic, Tolstoy is best known for writing War and Peace, one of the longest and most tedious tomes ever written.

rhapsody said...

Thanks for the info, Thomas -

Well, I have a bad memory, but I know I've never read War and Peace:)


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