Monday, August 22, 2005

A Creation [?]

Nancy Brown over at Flying Stars
posted a question concerning
Genesis' account of creation:

"How could the earth come
before the sun?"

I am not a Bible scholar, or a
scientist, so I struggled with the
question and answer.

Read it here...

if you are familiar with the subject.


Dan Paden said...

I haven't time to look at the original post; what I can do is make a recommendation that you spend some time searching the site at if you are really interested in this sort of thing. There is actually an abundance of readily available material on the subject.

rhapsody said...

Mr. Paden,
Thank you for the reference.
The original post pointed out, basically, how absurd science can be when trying to use the Bible and scientific theory to disprove the existence of God.
Personally, I don't care how He did it- and if He explained it to me directly, I probably still wouldn't understand-
Although I will always hang on His every Word.

Thanks again...


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