Tuesday, August 16, 2005

From Priests for Life

An excerpt from Father Frank Pavone's
8/15/05 newsletter...

"Dear Friends,

... a few updates:

1. This Thursday August 18 is a special
anniversary. On that day, seven years ago,
I had the pleasure of receiving Norma
McCorvey (the former "Jane Roe"of the
Roe vs. Wade decision) into the Catholic
Church. She had become pro-life and
been baptized a Christian three years
earlier by my friend Rev. Flip Benham.
She came through a long journey from
the days of her involvement with abortion.
If you would like to send her a personal
note of congratulations, I'll be happy to
give it to her personally. Just email it to
me at letters@priestsforlife.org You can
learn more about Norma at (www.priests)forlife.org/testimony/normamaster.htm
and you can order the book that tells the
story of her journey, "Won by Love" from
us at orders@priestsforlife.org

2. Would your pastor be willing to put
our four-page pro-life insert "You Can Save
Someone's Life Today" in your parish
bulletin? We are offering him as many
copies as he needs, free of charge. This
would be great for Respect Life Sunday
in October, or anytime of year. Preview
the insert at www.priestsforlife.org/bulletin
and order it at orders@priestsforlife.org ..."

When I was a ninth-grader, I took a
petition from Right-to-Life to my classes
for students and teachers to sign. It was
1972-73. I got a lecture from my math
teacher about not imposing my opinion on
others. The french teacher let us discuss
the issue, where my classmates informed
me that no one had the right to tell them
what to do with their bodies- (we were
FOURTEEN!!!) My classmates were already
well-versed in the doctrine of bs the
culture of death brainwashed them with,
pardon my french. A year before, we had
to have parental permission to take the
health class which informed us that we
did NOT need parental permission to
receive birth control due to doctor/patient
confidentiality. We were THIRTEEN at
the time!!! We were being taught to
undermine our parents' authority,
for WHAT?!!! Teachers usually said,
"You wouldn't be allowed to do that at
home," and now were telling us we could
go behind our parents' backs! The teachers
wouldn't have allowed us to be THAT
disrespectful to THEM, "Sir, you have no
right to impose your homework on me,
so I chose not to do it."
I got two signatures out of the whole school.
(My french teacher remembered- she hadn't
said much that day, but months later wrote
in my yearbook, "To the student who had
the courage to stand by her convictions...")


Check out Dawn Patrol, link at right.
She posts a great deal about the information
available these days, especially on the
internet, that has continued to brainwash
teens for decades. And how OUR TAX

God bless those who work to end these
God help those who have perpetuated
and fallen for them...



Janjan said...

Hey Faith, thanks for stopping by. We must be around the same age judging by your 9th grade story. Thankyou for keeping my family in your prayers, and would you be so kind as to include my extended family in Neve Dekalim, too?


Anonymous said...

Hi Janjan,
Thanks for writing. Will remember all of you today when I say the Rosary...
I've seen your pics- you look like you're in your thirties- I'm forty-seven and can definitely pass for fifty... LOL!!!

God bless you!

Janjan said...

You know it's a sin to lie!! I am a year older than you!

Anonymous said...

I'm not lying, Janjan- you do look younger than me. Work with someone who I thought was 28-ish and I made him show me his license- 42...



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