Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This is the blog, that led to the link...

Said goodbye this past week
to a friend who decided to
relocate and eventually build
her dream home.
Another friend and I purchased
a copy of pianist Jacqueline Chew's
CD: "Olivier Messiaen: Vingt Regards
sur l'Enfant-Jesus," for her. Read
Ms. Chew's interview after following
a link on Doctor Thursday's blog,
"GKC's Favourite," link at right.
Our friend is a pianist also, and
after searching through Dr. T's
archives, we found the link to
the interview so she could read
for herself the story of how Ms.
Chew came to do this particular
work. Another musician friend
recommended CD Baby, link to
the right, where we finally found
the CD we sought, pictured above.


Dr. Thursday said...

I am glad you found this CD, and I apologize for not assisting earlier - but I have been very busy with work.

I have not yet heard this work, but I hope to, eventually. The thing I would like to locate is his biography, if such exists.

Anonymous said...

Dr. T,
Will spare you the caps lock I lavished on Mrs. Brown when she first stopped by... LOL!!!
Must thank you for taking the time- I know you have been busier than usual lately- plus the fact that you have always been a great help whenever needed :)
A quick search over at Amazon turned up books dealing with Messiaen's works. A bio is due out soon by Peter Hill and Nigel Simeone- Mr. Hill being a former student of Messiaen's, and editor of "The Messiaen Companion," available here: (and I pray I do it right!)

I hope it works, Dr. T...



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