Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hefty Book Meme

Got tagged by Joe from Chesterton and Friends,
(link at right)- who was tagged by blog host
Eric Scheske for a hefty book meme.

1. Name your three biggest non-reference books (excluding the Bible and text books).
2. Name your three biggest reference books.
3. Tag three others.By “biggest,” we’re not looking for number of words. We’re looking for weight. Heft. Something you’d drop on invaders while defending a castle.

Think The Complete Works of Saint Thomas Aquinas,
Volumes 1 & 2, separate or combined are pretty
A bio on Mozart weighs a ton.
Maybe an oversize book on comedians that I have-
but it may just be big diameter-wise, not weight-
wise- altho it would get the job done.

Harvard Dictionary of Music, but I think I'd throw a
bunch of smaller ones first.
A French-English Dictionary.
A Writer's Handbook.

Thanks for asking, Joe. Now, did you say tackle, or tag?


Joe said...

I wonder who, heft-wise, was a larger man: G.K.Chesterton or T.Aquinas?

Perhaps Dr.T will emerge today with something for his "Fat Thursday".

rhapsody said...

Was Thomas Aquinas a heavy guy? I am ashamed to say I don't remember, altho I do have at least one bio about him. He certainly wrote heavy stuff- I liked when Dr. T. wrote that Thomas A. piled detail on top of detail- certainly true, which draws you willingly in to his points and sub-points on any subject. I also have a little condensed pocket Aquinas that was published in 1952. I found it on a pile of donations when sorting for a booksale, and grabbed it like a greedy miser. It was and is well used, and a treasure. Definitely revised material- it mentions how enjoyable an occasional cigarette can be after a good meal.

Tagged Nancy and Dr. T- one more, right?



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