Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Magnificent masterpiece

This is my favorite-
Michaelangelo's magnificent
work of art- The Pieta. I
just got mine framed...
and it's the background
for my desktop. Am going
to try and do a sketch of
it- my apologies in advance
to Mr. Buonarroti.

Poster available at
Catholic to the
link at right.


Dan Paden said...

It's easy to post pictures on blogger now, just takes a little practice. When you are making your post, start by looking for the little picture icon and clicking on that; you will be prompted to locate the picture on your computer, and guided through the rest of the steps. Not hard at all--the hardest part is getting the hang of arranging your text around the picture. I do recommend that you upload the picture first and then add your text; seems to work easier that way.

rhapsody said...

Mr. Paden,
Thanks for your help. Will definitely have to practice- am not incredibly adept at these things...

Thanks again,


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