Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A couple of books

my mom is reading...

She just finished this-
(for the second time:)

& now she's reading
this bio.

Actually, it was my mom's
interest in Solzhenitsyn that
led her to discover the bio-
grapher Joseph Pearce,
whereas I first saw him on
EWTN a couple of times, but
had never caught his name.
Finally heard Doug Keck of
Bookmarks introduce his
guest- I couldn't believe that
the interesting young English
gentleman & the biographer
that my mom said was so
excellent (but she had never
seen) were one & the same!

That was coincidence number

Then I found out that he
taught classes at Ave Marie
College in Michigan (at one
my mom's from that area.

If it wasn't for my kids, I
would have moved in with
my favorite aunt & signed
up for classes!

But instead will enjoy
the collection of his books
that my mom has compiled
& shared :)



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