Friday, January 06, 2006

For anyone who has read

the Davinci Code,
Nancy Brown has
started a discussion
over @
The Blog of the American
Chesterton Society.

I haven't read the book
altho I know it's popular
among the easily led,
which is a very scary thing
considering what their
permanent address could
end up being for blasphe-
ming Christ. So, what we
are obligated to pray for
is that everyone involved
with this actually studies
the Church & her history.



Dave said...

I take exception to the idea that people who have read this book are "easily led". It occurs to me that the phrase is a bit inflamatory sense I know plenty of Catholics who have read it and enjoyed and don't believe any of it as real.

"Easily led" can be bandied about by so many people when it's applied to groups who read books.

God bless

rhapsody said...

Thanks for writing, Dave.

Unfortunately, there are many who are willing to believe anything derogatory about Christ & His Church. I know many- some of them are the dearest people I know, but will follow the wind of popular thought whichever way (the mainstream media in particular says) it is blowing.

& I do worry about the state of their souls, for Christ's sake. He didn't die for just you & me, but every single person...

And for some reason, it seems that it is so much more acceptable to insult our God, than to stick up for Him.

God bless you too!


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