Friday, January 27, 2006


Merci, mon amie...
to whoever did

& if you visit the
french version of
my blog, & yours
is linked to the right-
click on it to see it en
francais, also!


getalifeagain said...

Wow, I didn't know that my blog could sound so much more important.

rhapsody said...

Bonjour, mon frere!

Isn't it tres bien?

Actually, I think there's a language option when you publish a blog, anyway-

Au revoir!

Dr. Thursday said...

Thanks so much, Rhapsody! This is quite amazing.

I looked into it a little and found that it's not hard to set up your blogg to do it upon request - and into other languages as well.

But I just thought of something: how are we going to reply if people post in other languages?

I hope there's some trick for that too.

rhapsody said...

Hi Doctor Thursday!

Hmmm, that's a good question.
If the comment is in English, & the comments are translated along with the blog, that's one thing.

But if the comment is in a foreign language on an English blogg? Maybe if the entire blog is switched to a different language altogether, then have that language translated back into English...? (sounds kind of complicated:)

I am not sure, mon ami-

Are there French/English, Spanish/English, pick-a-language/English dictionaries online? There are excellent dictionary/thesaurus available en Anglais.

Think I'll go check...

Hope it improves my French!

rhapsody said...

Easily found some excellent online dictionary sources-

& again, thank you to the person who sent the link in the first place!


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