Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saw this movie

as a child...
The Miracle Worker,
with Patty Duke as
Helen Keller, & Anne
Bancroft as her ama-
zing teacher, Annie

When the movie was
over, I went to the
encyclopedia & found
the manual alphabet
that Annie Sullivan had
taught the young Helen

I learned it that evening-
then taught it to my little
brother, & many years
later to my kids.

As a teen, I would some-
times 'sing' along with
some of my favorite music-
(as a result I can spell a lot
faster than I can read-
should've used a mirror:)

Years later, my landlady,
(who was only in her
twenties at the time but
losing her hearing), and
I would watch a show
called Signing with Cindy.
We learned different
songs using the actual
sign language, as well as
the manual alphabet.

Now, every so often,
if I'm singing out loud
& get adamant protests
from my rugrats, I switch
to the manual alphabet,
& start silently singing
in stereo:)


Mystery Date said...

I'm The White Rabbit

Lorna said...

I learned the manual alphabet, and later, to sign because the mother of the young deaf girl who lived in my building always made white-bread-with-chocolate-spread sandwiches. The right thing for the wrong reason....

Sam said...

I am deaf teen... who speaks American... with a couple of words in other languages... so Deaf Kids, teens, and adults all have different points of views... mine is creativity. so feel free to check my blog anytime you want... and... what was that word... Oh! Adeus! (means good bye in Portguese)

rhapsody said...

Thank you all for your comments- your blogs are interesting, also:)

I will say that I am not 'fluent' in sign language- the songs we learned were many years ago (my friend passed away last year.) She never completely lost her hearing, which was the result of a childhood accident, although it worsened over the years- (just read a bio on Louis Braille- he lost his eyesight due to an accident as a child also)...

The one person I knew who could not hear at all, always carried a pad & pen, making communicating easier for those of us who could not sign.

Thanks again for writing-

God bless you!


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