Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Prayers, please...

for Melodybleu
& her mom, who
is not well.

Thank you!!!

(feel better quick,
Mrs. T!)


Melodybleu said...

Oh Peg....
Thank you Rhapsody...God indeed guided us to the perfect Dr who not only believed us, but is treating her with adequate pain relief and has ordered tests to confirm her diagnosis..
Fx of the L7 spine, and the treatment will be rest, pain relief and a properly fitted back brace.
Praise God. I was guided to this dr thru prayer, which led me to ask my tropical BFF whom I call Baby...
Thank you Lord, and thank you Rhapsody and all for prayers

rhapsody said...

Thank God she's finding the relief she needs... & a good MD!

glad you're BOTH ok...

Give your mom a hug from me:)


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