Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dear Mr. Rock Star

I wanted to write and let
you know that I have been
a fan of yours for many years...
(decades, actually.) Purchased
a CD of your greatest hits, which
unbeknownst to me turned out
to be live music from one of
your concerts.

Now, the music is excellent,
as usual. You are an amazing
singer, but I do have a request.

As this is a live album, I have
found that I have to periodi-
cally adjust the volume due to
some of the language that you
use between songs. I really
don't want the kids to hear
that kind of language- I think
you understand.

I was wondering, as you are
now a grandpa, (although I
understand that you can still do
back flips!) if you could please,
please, PLEASE! abstain from
using such language in the
future. To help you to remem-
ber this request, I am enclosing
a soap-on-a-rope microphone...

The next time you want to
speak that way in public, you
just think about how it might
taste... 'kay?

Thanks for listening!

God bless you!




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