Monday, November 14, 2005

The geese R

honking, & everything

is settling down for

the evening.

But I think I've got


Anybody want to play

Scrabble online?

FYI- It's an email game-
they do take a while to
play, but they're fun!

*O< hey Melodybleu
you know a lot of words...

Wanna play scrabble?

You too, Dr. Thursday...
(Only you can't use a diction-
ary 'cause you know enough

How 'bout you, Mrs. Brown?

& no, that's not a goose
honking- that's suppose
to be me whistling!


Melodybleu said...

Instead of honking geese here, I listen to parrots squawking as they dash around the sky together.

rhapsody said...

If I can set it up, do u want to play scrabble online?

i've played before- you play by email...

i'd have to give them an email address for you, then they send you an "invitation" with a link for you to register & access our board & tiles & stuff...

let me know- if you want play email me which address you want me to use.

need more coffee!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't write right!!!

Say hi to Polly & pals...


Melodybleu said...

sure...i'll email you an addy

rhapsody said...

Ok, dear-

The game is set up.

We have to start playing within the next two days.

Go to your email...
It's your move.


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