Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sad news...

Just received a call from
youngest's school principal.

The kid's favorite social
studies teacher was killed
Wednesday night in a car
accident- they wanted to
let her students know.

In her thirties- & she has a
two-year old.

That was the last period
youngest had before the
school nurse called me-

The kids are shocked.

Please, prayers for all.


M.S.L.T. said...

The circle of life......
Doesn't seem fair......
I hope He explains it all to us when the end comes..
Prayers to you all

rhapsody said...

Thank you-

The classmates have been talking & crying amongst themselves.

Youngest checked to see if the flag was flying at half-staff at the school yesterday, but as it has been the holiday weekend it is not up.

A couple of years ago a 28-year-old librarian was killed in a car accident- her six month old was injured but all right- oldest & a friend had attended one of her programs the evening before the accident. She had shown the kids pix of her baby she called her 'little zucchini.'

It is difficult to think about-
However, Jesus always knew how & when He would die...
Of course, also that He would conquer death.

We are spared the knowing how & when.
But can be comforted knowing it is not the end.

Anonymous said...

mom, librarian was 24 and sissy's teacher was 29...well either way its still sad :(

rhapsody said...

ty- i had forgotten...

The kids at the school set up a 'My Space' for their teacher, & are going to write letters to her family.

The baby has a broken leg, but is otherwise all right.


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