Saturday, November 19, 2005


If you like butterflies

& popcorn (bushes,)

visit Melodybleu at

The tropics and other stuff.

(in case any of my, as Mrs. Brown
says... 'thousands upon thousands'
of [crickets] are wondering-
Melodybleu was my Maid of Honor
Extraordinaire, & is my lifelong pal-
We used to have picnics in trees:)


Melodybleu said...

remember? pb&j ala lol

rhapsody said...

They were the best pb&j i ever had :)

& remember the passers-by wondering where all the noise was coming from?


Dr. Thursday said...

Have you read GKC's Manalive?

He had a picnic on the roof.

Somewhere else GKC mentions having his tea on the floor - which he said "gives a picnic feeling"...

What a wonderful thing. Were you also married there?

(As I think on this, I must also urge you to read his Club of Queer Trades, but I must not say more in order not to spoil the ending of that story...)

rhapsody said...

Hi Dr. Thursday!

Will put it on my list of books to read :)

Don't tell my kids, but in hs I spent a lot of time in the library, & once in a while would climb out the library window & sit on the roof to read- just me & all the lost tennis balls!


Was married twice (to the same person!)- once in upstate NY as better half's mom did not like to travel much- (& we were under a tree at the time :), & again last year year in the Church, once his long-ago first marriage (way before he knew me!) was annulled.

Our marriage was blessed on our 21st wedding anniversary!


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