Monday, November 21, 2005

St. William Catholic Church

Saw an article from the

Cincinnati Enquirer

posted by Rich Leonardi

over at Ten Reasons.

Beautiful Church...

Nice name :)


M.S.L.T. said...

I am not Catholic, yet I find the ritual of the catholic mass comforting and lovely....
stand up...kneel..sit...stand..kneel..the repetative responses..
it is lovely...

rhapsody said...

I thought you wrote,

"I am not Catholic... yet."


Had a choir member a few years ago who was an atheist- she found it difficult to follow the Mass.

It takes getting used to, but once you know how & where the sacraments & rites originated from-& what you're doing & why you're doing it, & of course Who you are doing it for, it makes a lot of sense.


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