Monday, November 28, 2005

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Advent: Week 1 Day 1

Advent: Week 1 Day 2


M.S.L.T. said...

Is it advent already?

rhapsody said...

Yesterday was the first day-

this year is flying by!

rhapsody said...


You can find more info if you click on the Advent wreath below...

Dr. Thursday said...

Thanks, "R" - I hope I'll be able to continue the project all the way through the season. At least this way I HAVE to think about each symbol as it comes due, which is a good thing. As I look at each one, it is hard to believe I made those little pictures almost 20 years ago.

May all of us - you and your readers (and me!) find time to fittingly decorate: our bloggs, our homes, and our hearts...

rhapsody said...

You're very welcome, Dr. Thursday!

& many thanks to you for all your works & prayers!


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