Thursday, June 29, 2006

? ? ?

Today's Quiz:

Who is linked to the
mystery hoagie with
chips on the side?


Copyright laws prohibit
me using this particular





Anonymous said...

Hogie Carmichael, a.k.a. Mr. Chips

rhapsody said...

Excellent guess, anon:)

However... I am sorry, you are incorrect.

Michelle said...

Well, i would attempt a guess, but i have no idea what a 'hoagie' is!!

rhapsody said...

LOL!!! Michelle:)

It's a yummy sandwich, usually on foot-long italian bread, made with a variety of cold cuts, with your choice of lettuce & tomato, peppers, olives, onions etc- with mayo or oil & vinegar...

It's also called a submarine sandwich- I guess 'cause it's kind of shaped like a submarine...

omigosh! now I'm hungry:)

Terry Nelson said...

Hogan's Heroes?
This is an enigma to me but I am happy you link to me. Yes I was tired - one shouldn't post when one is tired - but I left it up for now.
Fun quiz! Thanks!

rhapsody said...


Wow, excellent guess- altho, you are the answer...

If you post "Eat Fresh!" one more time, I'm going to cry laughing the next time I hear Jon Lovitz in the Subway commercial...

Now, hurry over to Dawn's site- if anyone can answer this question, you can!

Feel better, too!

Terry Nelson said...

Dah! I so get it now! You are so very clever! Thanks.


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