Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is there a need

to create myths based on
the reality of the Divine?
Specifically, the prophecies
fulfilled (& to be fulfilled,)
by Christ?

From men such as C.S. Lewis,
and the creators of Super-

An article at Spirit Daily,
& the team from Chesterton
and Friends, (both linked
on the right)- discuss this
very interesting subject.

With the 'Books' button
below linked to an excellent
bio by Joseph Pearce, on
C.S. Lewis.


Dr. Thursday said...

No, and Chesterton explains why:

"The place that the shepherds found was not an academy or an abstract republic; it was not a place of myths allegorised or dissected or explained or explained away. It was a place of dreams come true. Since that hour no mythologies have been made in the world. Mythology is a search."
[GKC, The Everlasting Man CW2:307]

Tolkien is not an exception. He did not make a new myth. He enlarged the story of the new world - the world with the cave the shepherds visited.

Middle Earth, as GKC says of "Peter Pan", "...does not belong to the world of Pan but the world of Peter." [ibid CW2:332]

We do need more stories - or maybe I might say new chapters of the One and Never-ending Story!

But myths are no longer an option.

Michelle said...

I'd like to think that what the above commenter has mentioned, re the continuation of the One Never Ending Story, would occur. I wonder who would tell it though?

rhapsody said...

Knowing that no one actually knows, we also know that much has been written already about what is to be- I would (actually I already have!) name the names of men who could, at the very least- make an intelligent guess at future events.

Look at how many unintelligent surmises there have been!

My point about a "need for myths" was not referring to pagan practices, or a need to cleave to false beliefs. From what I understand, C.S. Lewis incorporated and crafted his beliefs into a made-up world... & the creators of Superman were young men who lived in an era, back in the thirties, where they may have longed for their Messiah to come and rescue them.

However, as far as continuing the One True Neverending Story- there is enough to go on in the Bible- enough brainpower WITH GRACE!!! & even enough resources in H'wood- (headquarters of those foolish master-crafters!) to produce a masterpiece worthy of God.


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