Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Furor sets me


(& does a fine job,

may I add)...

Geez, I can be such
a pain!

Well, I do thank you for
your time, Mr. Furor-

God bless you!


Daniel Murray said...

i'm sure there's some hidden meaning that i don;t get,

great blog

Anonymous said...

Okay, rhapsody, here I again, seeing if I can leave a message that stays put. I'm so happy that The Laughing Willow brought us together. My mother would be happy, too, to know that someone treasured her poem for decades.
I'll sign off now and try claiming anonimity.

rhapsody said...

Thanks Daniel:)

Did you click the link to the posting? I had commented there, & the person who posted- Furor, over at the Chesterton and Friends blog- explained what he meant, as I had disagreed to some degree with what he had posted.

I agree with him overall- & his explanation cleared up what I had not understood him to mean.

They are doing a tribute to Gilbert Keith Chesterton there, which has been very interesting reading... there's a link on the right if you want to read more.

rhapsody said...


Good job, anon! It worked!

I'm glad too!!!

PS Remember, if you want to remain anonymous, don't sign your name...



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