Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Great stuff!

from Thomas,
Your Ever Well-Wisher...


A beautiful site-

The Hunger Site Store
where purchases help to
feed the hungry, God bless
them! and it's getting
linked on the right...
(Check out that gorgeous
wrap- I'd have to get a
whole new wardrobe just
to go with it- oh well, I'm
sure it will match some-

Plus, he's got many other
interesting items posted,

(Don't tell him I said this-
skip the bug site- pretty
colors, yes... bugs, of course,
being further proof that God
is a male, obviously with a
grand sense of humor- & no
offense intended, to Him or
to Thomas, but...
Ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!) :p

Remember, you didn't hear
it from me!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link back to me, and the more people who know about The Hunger Site, the better.

It's a pity you aren't into insects- they've always spoken so highly of you. ;o) I think the fancy praying mantids look very much like seahorses.

rhapsody said...

Well, you give them my regards, & we'll keep it just between us that I think they'd make excellent visual dietary suppressants:)

That said, how many of us would look that great with a camera taking a picture closerthanthis?

Thanks for the link to The Hunger Site, too- very neat!

Michelle said...

Hey this site is so cool!

Merle said...

Hi Rhapsody ~~ Thanks for your visit and comment. Glad you enjoy the jokes, and we can all use some wisdom.
Take care, Merle.

rhapsody said...

Hi Merle:)

Thanks for writing! Love the jokes you post at Herons Nest...


Loved the wisdom, too, of The Mayonaisse Jar...

Great posts!


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