Monday, June 19, 2006

I agree with

Eric Scheske to a degree...

My dear hearts took me to
see it for my b'day- after
the movie started, I settled
in for a nap, but kept one
eye open;)

I figured it would be a feel-
good-buddy-movie, and it
didn't disappoint.

I agree with Mr. Scheske,
that if you walked in after
twenty minutes, you wouldn't
have missed anything. But,
it did have some laugh-out-
loud scenes...

Not a great movie, but not
all that bad, either.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the review! we've been umming and arrring whether or not to see this one. It kinda looks cute but i get the feeling the storyline is just average. I think we'll see Over the Hedge instead!

rhapsody said...

The kids saw that one with their dad- they liked it also:)

I really thought this one would be ho-hum-bordering-on-painful, but it was better than I thought- I'd give it a 7.5...

Enjoy your movie-time!

Anonymous said...

yea, "cars" got better as it went on..."over the hedge" was also good...i would give "cars" an 8.8 and "over the hedge" 8.6.

rhapsody said...

Thank you, sweetheart-





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