Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fighting back tears

of laughter!!!

& for those of you
wordsmiths who are
so inclined, there's a
link there to a Catholic
Haiku Contest...


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for an "old school" Catholic to subit one in Latin!

Michelle said...

LOL, that really is quite brilliant! Who of thought haiku could come in a Catholic form??

rhapsody said...

These guys could probably handle Latin Haiku, too...


Brian Michael Page said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brian Michael Page said...

Here's your Latin Haiku. Enjoy! ;)


PS: I deleted my last comment because I forgot to link the Latin. Sorry.

rhapsody said...

That's ok- & thanks for writing!

There's also another link to your Haiku above, so any interested visitors can be redirected... it's posted in verse- sort of- but it's not a haiku so it wouldn't be admissable...LOL!

& you already had one appreciative visitor who left a comment:)


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