Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advent Chants 3: Rorate Caeli

Episode #60 (link) is the third &
last part in the series from the

Christus Vincit Anywhere!
podcast. (link)

I confess that Shamus O. knows
Latin a lot better than I do. The
extent of my knowledge is pretty
much limited to these signs - just
follow the
links - (link)...

(Well, maybe I know a little
more than that:)


Anonymous said...

The only Latin I know is the motto of the Possum Lodge, Quando omni flunkus moritatus.

"When all else fails, play dead."

So far, I have not had an opportunity to use this in conversation. ;o)

Brian Michael Page said...

Cool! Another Red Green fan hehehe!

I'm a man,
but I can change,
if I have to,
I guess.
(on one episode, added: but not that much)


Unknown said...

I love the ancient chants. I must locate one of my CDs and listen tonight. Speaking of Latin, I dug out one of my Latin dictionaries this afternoon to translate a phrase I found while doing some research on Christmas. It is amazing how much one can forget in the 45 year or so since I studied Latin!

rhapsody said...

Hi Guys -

Well, you all know a great deal more Latin than I do - including you, Thomas:)

Nick, there was a place online with chants we could listen to - if I find it I'll leave you the link - & I'll leave the translating up to you, too:)


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