Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shhh! Don't tell Wendy...

it's a surprise!

(This means you too,
Monsieur LeClerc:)

It's from the
It's Better In Latin (link)

I found through fellow

warm & fuzzy trad (link)

Carolina Cannonball at
The Crescat. (link)

Remind me to ask her if I can
link the
neat logo (link) on the right...


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

OK. I can keep secrets. BTW, who is Wendy?

rhapsody said...

Thanks Nick- I do trust you:)

Well, 'Wendy' is a friend who shares a similar experience with me regarding being randomly & mistakenly but consistantly called by the wrong name- over and over again. With her the name is 'Wendy'- not her real name, but in her business dealings she will periodically be called that when she's placed an order or called & left a message, always of course having used her real name. It even showed up on an invoice once! It happened to her recently- & it probably only happens a few times a year, but the fact that it's been the same name year in and year out is too funny to those of us who know her- to the point that we call her 'Wendy' amongst ourselves:)

Similarly, for almost thirty years, every once in a while someone I know will mistakenly call me by one of two names, which always catches them off guard, as they are people I know fairly well. Every so often, someone will slip & call me either 'Faith' or 'Hope.' The first time it happened I was nineteen, & a friend was annoyed because she said I walked right passed her one day while she was yelling after me, 'Faith! Faith!' She knew my name. It was the second time she had made that mistake.

& it's happened repeatedly since then- not that often- this year I was called 'Faith' once & 'Hope' twice- by three different people at three different times, & each time it happens the person will say, 'Why did I just call you that? I know that's not your name'...

My real name sounds sort of like 'Faith'- but nothing like 'Hope'. It's a coincidence that has spanned the past few decades, & it leaves me wondering every time...


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