Friday, December 15, 2006

Interesting post

regarding an interesting
interview with Terry from
Abbey-Roads. (link)

& fer cryin' out loud!
why can't we comment

Terry, I've been trying for
days, & I see that some of
your commenters can get
through, but I'm not one
of them.


Well, I'm going to check the
Blogger Status page & see if
there's an update - the only
comments I've been able to
leave are mostly Haloscan -

Oh well - we all have our off
days/weeks... they must have
a lot of maintanence, & they
really are very good about
helping if you email them with
a particular problem.

PS to Terry:

Can't wait for your (other)
interview with the NC Register -
which I woulda toldya if I coulda!



Terry Nelson said...

Rhapsody, I acyually passed the interview with the Register to 3 local bloggers - I may get a mention however.
The Spirit interview wasn't as bad as my first impressions - but I'll leave the post I did in response anyway.

rhapsody said...

My mistake - well, I'm going to keep my original post up too...

Hmmm, wait - you said bloggers are quick to correct their mistakes...

We-e-ll, I'll THINK about it;)

Congrats, Monsieur Terry - very well done!

Terry Nelson said...

I do think Catholic bloggers are quick to correct - I actually do delete when it's too over the top - of course, my standards may be, well, let's see, different?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

If Blogger commenting were Russian roulette, with a bullet in each chamber that doesn’t post, I’d been dead dozens of times by now.

Anonymous said...

For the last two days about a third of the blogs were inaccessible to me. I kept getting an error message that said, "Blogger is unable to complete your request."

Whatever that problem was seems to be fixed now. I wonder if is a victim of their own success- to many people have their own little blogs now that their hardware can't handle it?

rhapsody said...

Hi guys-

Well, I have a confession to make in case you didn't notice- I'm a blogger "pod" person now- last night I switched to the beta version- & I can only see the bottom half of the title now & don't know how to fix it.

Terry- you musta been the funnest monk in the abbey:)

rhapsody said...

PS to Nick & Thomas:

I couldn't comment to most blogs for three days, that's why I switched- but I do think we're all going to have to switch eventually if we stick with blogger...

I'm sure they'll work the bugs out.

Michelle said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay I am able to finally comment. I have opened a google account and it is now allowing me to comment on beta blogs. I have not changed my own blog over....they'll have to drag me kicking and screaming!

Anonymous said...

I logged into my Google blog the other day and most- but not all- of the features are working now. They were supposed to send me an email when they fixed it, but they never did.

I'll keep my Google account so I can post to my friends' blogs, but I'm happy at my new place.

rhapsody said...

Hi sweethearts:)

I couldn't comment anywhere, & I read in the beta blogger news that everyone is going to have to switch eventually - & I'm really feeling like a 'pod' person, 'cause it's not that bad:) The only thing I wonder about is the 'Explore Updated Blogs' feature - the beta blogs aren't included (from what I can see) on the list, so I'm wondering if that will change when the transitions are complete...


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