Tuesday, December 05, 2006


By J. O. LeClerc

The necklaced silver crucifix
sign of most raw unbroken courage
my medal given for all my fists
and broken bones and kicks
my marathon hard road haul back
yes, back to my natural heritage

I was lost, I was lost, I was lost
I was lost and then found my right hand again
in the holy gift of natural marriage
but my once white and happy heart
was speckled in the spider dust of coal
breathed in demon mines, the chimney
soot of life's daily carnage

and I coughed with most awkward talk
broken by a violent, wild, childish, angry mind
anger there was in my very limbs
but coal toned clouds were broken
with the miracle spear shaft light
thrown by the javelinist, the cross man. Him.

Then could I read the Mary word
the Mary white word of the Mary teared cross
and then my list of loss and loss and loss and loss
disappeared like the erasure
of the devil's scribbled anti-hymn

an then I could go home, go home
and breathe fresh, breathe beauty fresh pure air
God given exhilirant, articulate,
immaculate holy oxygen.



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