Sunday, December 03, 2006

A short review

I wrote for Dawn Eden's book:

The Thrill of the Chaste, (link)

is up at Amazon.

I didn't realize those of us who
pre-ordered would receive it

before it got to the stores. It
works out well, 'cause the local
library now has a copy, & I found
out that another library already
has it on the shelf...

Dawn! (link:)


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Have you read the book? Are you going to review it for us?

rhapsody said...

Hi Nick,

Yes- it's very well done. I wrote a review, but kept it short so as to not give anything away:) However, I will say that I originally thought that it would be a book that would be good for teens- but it is geared more toward adults, (specifically) women in their twenties & older, although I think parents and maybe even educators would do well to read it. Men too, can learn from it- one review pointed that out, also.

The Dawn Patrol, which is linked to the right, is one of the first blogs I found when I discovered blogdom about two years ago. Dawn is a convert from Judaism to Christianity, who later decided to join the Catholic Church. Her background is fascinating... she's a rock (as in music:) historian & columnist in NYC, who has not only embraced the life of a single, chaste woman, but (check out her blog) is an amazing pro-life advocate. Anything after that you'll have to find out for yourself...

Thanks for asking:)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Following your lead, I decided to blog some thoughts on some recent books I have read. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Hey, i have missed you!
I have had fun catching up on all your posts :o)
I must read the decoding Mary Magdalene book!

Hope you and the family are well :o)

rhapsody said...

MICHELLE!!! Thanks for splashing by:)

omigosh! I've missed you too! You've been working so hard- I'm glad that you're getting the chance now to enjoy- I can't wait to hear about your new job- THEY ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU:)!!

Anonymous said...

Just caught up with your posts. Keep up with the good work. byetta


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