Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Thanks, too, to Mr. L.
from Amateur Catholic (link)
& the prestigious B-Team
of Catholic bloggers:)

Many thanks for accepting
me as a member- but I'm
so amateurish, the badge &
blogroll are proudly displayed
below- rather than the side-
bar where I'd rather have

'cause I'm really stinkin' at

I look forward to checking
out the blogs of fellow mem-

And I do thank you again,
Mr. L!


Tracy said...

Welcome to the B Team! I'm still stinkin with the linkin'too! LOL! Guess that's what to expect from Amateurs! I'm always just grateful when a link doesn't mess up my entire template!

God Bless,
Tracy, AC

Michelle said...

LOL @ Stinkin & Linkin....you crack me up!

rhapsody said...

Hi girls:)

Thanks for writing, Tracy. It's frustratingly funny- I just can't do it!

Michelle, can you explain how to get the info to the side- I tried to place it under the blogger button, but it disappeared!

Rick Lugari said...


In your template you will see a section that begins with <div id="sidebar">
After that will be stuff for the profile, links, previous posts, and archives. The section ends with <!-- End sidebar -->

Locate the code you want in the sidebar in the appropriate place (i.e. between the links and the previous posts). Sometimes you have to be careful that the image you're installing isn't too wide for your sidebar, that's when you can get some goofy behavior in one or all browsers.

And you're very welcome to the B-Team. It's a like the world's biggest short-bus or something. ;)

rhapsody said...

Hi Rick-

Thanks for the instructions- I'll give it a try- maybe above my list of dear [crickets] so you're all more accessible:)

& I am so very honored to have been accepted as a member of such an honorable team...

God bless you.

rhapsody said...

It worked!

How'd you do that?!!!

Thank you!


Rick Lugari said...



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