Friday, September 08, 2006

Heard this week

that one of this blog's
favorite blogger's is temp-
orarily leaving to write a
book- which is very happy

However, she is also leaving
because she needs necessary
surgery- which is, while nec-
essary, not happy news at

Her two blogs, one of which
I used to stomp on in my way-
caffeinated highs- (& I was
always graciously received)
will be temporarily manned
by someone else- one of them,

Many prayers for you, Mrs.
Brown. & until you get back,
this blog is going to "clap" for
you- by alternatingly linking
to your two blogs,

Flying Stars, (link)
The Blog of the American

Chesterton Society,

in a "link-a-day" venture. You

will see an extra heart in the
corner of each post- little
'hugs' for you, until you get

Can't wait, Mrs. Brown!


Nancy C. Brown said...

Thank you, sweetie!
I appreciate all the prayers I can get. I decided to allow someone else to temporarily blog on the ACS blog, and after some readers twisted my arm, I decided to keep blogging on Flying Stars, and it seemed as if Harry Potter seemed to be an important topic, and it seemed as though I had a lot to say about him, so I've been going on and on about Harry Potter now for days.

I will keep you posted on the heart situation, but for now, all is stable. Thanks again, for the prayers and post.

rhapsody said...

Mrs. Brown!

Thanks for stopping by! Glad that things are better!

I wish that I knew more about Harry- I've seen a couple of the movies, & they were very entertaining- he is a good kid.

So happy that you stopped by:) Hey, we smile on this blog- LOL!!!
Geez, you'd think I'd have those emoticons or whatever they're called...

Very excited about your book- well, y'all are too pro to be a B-team amateur blogger...but I can't wait- & I'm not asking what it's about... :)

Thanks for writing & letting me know!


Michelle said...

Best Wishes to Mrs Brown :o)


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