Thursday, September 28, 2006

Coming soon!

Listen to it~

Learn from it~

Love tuning in!

Watch for updates from


Christus Vincit- (link)


Brian Michael Page said...

The new link is going to be . It's up and running with a "coming soon" message and a cool little promo.
And thanks again for the promoting you've done over the past few months. Much appreciated! ;)

rhapsody said...

Thanks for the info~

What will the service be referred to, a 'netcast'?

Technically, you have 'cast-a-net' with your music...

What does your leprachaun-assistant, Shamus O'Reilly, have to say on the subject?

Brian Michael Page said...

It'll still be listed under podcasts, of course. It's been added to the rolls at Disciples with Microphones already. Net-cast, maybe a "port-a-cast". Aw man! You got me thinkin' again! ;D

And yes, I have successfully retained my staff of technological guest pests. Rest assured, Shamus will be on.


rhapsody said...

I like the 'banner' that you came up with already...

When you're all set, I'll link it with the others below if that's ok- but I'll wait 'til you check it with Shamus~

Why do I think he's the one really running the show? :)

Brian Michael Page said...

He THINKS he's running the show. (ha ha ha)


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