Sunday, September 03, 2006

Did I post this already?

Well, it's worth repeating:)

If you get the chance, listen

to an interview with Joseph
Pearce and Doug Keck from
EWTN's series, Bookmark.

Click on
#67 (link)

The topic:
The (very
interesting!) life of Hilaire
Belloc, & Pearce's biography,
Old Thunder: A Life Of
Hilaire Belloc.

available from Ignatius Press.


Cornealius said...

Clement Frued was a big fan of Belloc. His favorate quote was from a peom about english soldiers in africa. It went..
Remmeber men that we have got,
A gatling gun and they have not,

rhapsody said...

Welcome Cornealius!

Although I haven't read much of it, I understand that Belloc & his good friend Chesterton loved to write poetry.

Thank you so much for writing!


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