Friday, September 15, 2006


news regarding Mrs. Brown,
Flying Stars, (link)


The Blog of the American
Chesterton Society.

She has
checked out fine (link)
after a health scare-

Thank God!

& her
next two books (link)
are almost ready to be sent

to the publisher:)

Congrats again, Mrs. B!


Tim said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate the support.

rhapsody said...

You're welcome, Tim-

It's their loss- something better will come along:)

Michelle said...

Great news re Mrs B, where on earth does she find the time? I want her secret!! ;o)

rhapsody said...

Are you considering writing a book, Michelle?

The tales you could tell from the courts of Australia would be fascinating reading- you do write so well- & you're an excellent photographer- omigosh your book would be a thing of beauty!

When you do let me know- I'll go straight to Amazon for (at least!) two copies- one for me & one for the local library...

But I want mine signed:)

Nancy C. Brown said...

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes.

These two books that are finally being published I wrote at least a couple years ago, mostly at a bagel shop while my kids had art class!!!

When I decided to write (about six years ago) I thought, well, I'll wait till the kids are napping, or when they go to bed I'll have an hour, or if they go play somewhere else I'll get some time... etc. That never worked. So now what I do is, while I'm folding laundry or washing dishes, I'm writing in my head. And when I get 10 minutes here or 20 there, I go write down what's already been sort of fermenting in my brain.

And that's pretty much how I do it. Bit by bit.

It's 4 am now, so you can see how I get the chance to blog!

rhapsody said...

Rewriting- please excuse...

These are wonderful tips for aspiring writers, Mrs. B:)

Very exciting- & I believe that you mentioned another book you've written? Is it another Father Brown? Are your books available through the American Chesterton Society? And the Belloc Society? & EWTN?

Just wondering:)

Welcome back, Mrs. Brown!

Nancy C. Brown said...

The Father Brown is available on the ACS web site, yes.
The new book I'm working on is still sort of under wraps, if I get a book contract, I'll let you know. Right now I'm writing the proposal, and seeing if its any good, this idea.

But so far, I think its a pretty good idea, so let's pray!

Thanks for the warm welcome back.

rhapsody said...

Prayers for you & your work, Mrs. B...

(& I'm sure it's another good one:)


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