Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The double-nickels

episode of

Christus Vincit Anywhere! (link)

is ready when you are!

P.S. to BMP...

But I wish the speed-limit was still 55!


Brian Michael Page said...

I still can't drive 55.

I took the wife and kids to Southwest Missouri back in October 2004. The first time ever I had seen a "Speed Limit 70" sign. And this little narrow road running parallel to it was posted at 55.



rhapsody said...

I can't believe that in some parts of the country the speed limit is 70... 65 is bad enough!

That said, in my youth I lost my license more than once due to too many speeding tickets- thank God!

Now I drive like a grandma- thank God:)

Anonymous said...

In Texas, there are stretches where the speed limit is 80!

I'm usually the slowest guy on the road. The way I see it, my car has a comfortable seat, air conditioning, and a nice stereo, so what's my hurry? What's at my destination that's better than what I've got right here?

rhapsody said...


I agree with you, Thomas-

I really don't understand why the speed limit was raised...

Brian Michael Page said...

EIGHTY??? Wow. I knew Texas had 75, but 80? Heilege scheisse!

rhapsody said...

Maybe the further west you go, the faster it gets...

I have heard some nightmare stories about the California highways:p


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