Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great posts

at the
Leaflet Missal Blog... (link)

The first one, (or rather the

last one) posted was written
by one of the blog host's (Terry)
co-workers, on:
Blessed Miguel Pro, 20th Century
Martyr and Priest-

Check out the exquisite painting,
done by Terry, and the photos of
this extraordinary man who lived
and died for God.

Then, scroll down & read some
commentary on the latest news
& gossip, including H'wood couple
of the moment- TomKat- & yes I
agree that they are beautiful, but
no, I didn't notice the dress, sorry...

&, while you're there, do tell Terry
I said, "Hi!" :)


Anonymous said...

I knew Jesus was black.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Father Pro’s martyrdom is another sinister mark on history.

The government controlled terror in Mexico lasted until just a few years ago. I did not realize that until very recently, when I saw a PBS special on the students murdered during a protest in Mexico City just before the 1968 Olympics. Mexican authorities have just released a groundbreaking report on the government's use of violent repression to crush its opponents during the 1960s-80s.

How little I knew about what was happening to our southern neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rhapsody! I think you should be getting a royalty!

rhapsody said...


You are very welcome, Terry-

it is so my pleasure!


rhapsody said...

Thanks Nick-

Have been aware of their troubles, but not the specifics. The welfare of family members that remain there is always important to the people who have moved north.

The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging does good work all over the world, including this beautiful country, also.


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