Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lifted this

Mark Shea, (link)...

who got it from:
The Ironic Catholic. (link)

Click on the pic once or twice-
that should enlarge it. I don't
know how Mark Shea did it- he
must be some kind of computer
whiz- I did try, but just can't
figure it out...


Anonymous said...

If you want it to show full-size on your page, it's kind of a hassle. You have to right-click on the image properties to find the size in pixels, then go to "Edit HTML" and change the source code so it matches.

It's a lot easier just to tell people to click it. :o)

rhapsody said...

Hmmm- will look into it, but I'm going to take your advice & leave it for now.

Thank you!:)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

There is one more consideration regarding posting pics: they and the blog pages may appear differently depending upon the browser one is using. This morning I first saw your page using Foxfire and later I came back (after borrowing your link to the accent test in the previous post) using explorer. The page looked different!

rhapsody said...

Thanks for letting me know, Nick- it's going to have to remain this way for now, as I was unsuccessful when I tried to make the adjustment.

What were the results of your accent test... was it accurate?

Jon Cox said...

Oh thats really cool! I love those nutrition facts! Thank yu very much for stopping by & for your wonderful comments as well. I appreciate it A LOT! I wish you the very best! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhapsody ~ Tank you for your comments. I have beaten the ants for the time being. They are a darn nuisance.
Take care, Merle.


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