Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Episode # 54


Christus Vincit Anywhere! (link)

is up & running, with links to other
podcasts available in the show notes-

& prayers for show host BMP (& Mrs.
BMP, too!) - who's undergoing some
necessary tests tomorrow, that all is
very well-

God bless!


Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much, but that test ain't gonna happen either. I just got back from the ER with my wife. Was there from 7:30 last night till 5:30 this morning. I'm in no shape to take the stress test, so I'll be rescheduling.

rhapsody said...

So sorry to hear that!

After a night in the ER, you probably need to get some rest! Thank you for taking the time to write under these circumstances-

Will check in periodically to see if you've posted any updates, but do take care & follow your doctor's orders...

& feel better soon!

Brian Michael Page said...

This time it was my wife that was sick. Not to mention this will be the second time I've had to reschedule the stress test (the first time I landed up playing a funeral).

rhapsody said...

Hoping Mrs. BMP is better soon!

I believe you mentioned that she did not feel well this past week-

Well, to both of you, get & stay well- & I left a comment over at the Curt Jester's for a prayer request...

As you stated in your show, the voting emoticons were hilarious:) Thanks for the link~

Shamus O'Reilly said...

Oh Man!!! If Brian stays healthy then I don't get to take over the show. (just kidding, of course)


rhapsody said...


Well, well, well... & yes I certainly hope your boss & wife are just that- please send them my best.

& behave when you visit or you'll be banned!



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