Saturday, November 11, 2006

A comment from

a fan of Ernestine Cobern Beyer's
wonderful poetry,

prompted me to comment that

Ernestine wrote verse for many
years, and received an award
from The National League of
American Penwomen for the
best religious poem, "The Pool,"
in the early seventies. It was
presented to her at the House
of Representatives and was
noted in the Congressional
Record- this shortly before her
death in December of 1972.

Ernestine's daughter, Barbara
Beyer Malley, who has gener-
ously shared much of her mother's
work with me- wrote that her
mother had been a singer who
sang with Enrico Caruso- giving it
up to raise her family. Which is
also when she started writing.

Barbara mentioned that her mom
sounded a lot like a singer named
Lily Pons- her mom having been a
"coloratura soprano, one of the
few who could faultlessly reach
E above high C."

(Wow- I can barely reach E above
middle C)...

Well, I want to ask, before I start
looking for info on Lily Pons- if
anyone is familiar with her music?
If so, what would you recommend?

& many thanks in advance:)



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