Saturday, November 11, 2006



Content: 10 (out of 10)
Form: 10

Regarding a comment left by
Ray from the:
Stella Borealis
Catholic Roundtable

at a post on:
Abbey-Roads (link)

relating to an article in the:
National Catholic Register (link)

written by Eric Scheske from:
The Daily Eudemon. (link)

(Guess I'd rate an 'F' for the run-on sentence)...


Anonymous said...

It's a side issue, but he asked if Brave New World (one of my favorite books) is in the public domain. The answer is: in most of the world, yes; in America, no.

The USA has a ridiculously restrictive copyright laws, thanks primarily to the Disney corporation. Mickey Mouse was about to enter the public domain, which upset Disney terribly, so they greased a few congressional palms, and Voila! Copyright was extended for a long, long time. Good news for Disney, bad news for the American public.

But, thanks to the internet, if it's legal anywhere, it's available everywhere. The book is posted online at

rhapsody said...

Hi Thomas-

Thanks for passing along the information on how to obtain the book...

We had to read BNW in high school (public hs)- but that was a while ago. It was assigned reading, so I don't really know how many of us would have actually read it if we didn't have to.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Just a thoughtful prayer (one I modified from one by Edward Hayes):

Nourished by prayer, reading, thought and action,
May the seeds of our renewal
Take root and flower forth
In a life-song of glory to You, our Lord and our God.


rhapsody said...

Thanks, Nick-

I'm not familiar with the original, but your modified version sounds right to me.


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