Saturday, November 11, 2006

The monthly article

St. John the Evangelist- by Guido Reni.
AllPosters. (link)

from Eric Scheske @ the NC Register
on 'Bloggers and their books'...

One of the subjects touched upon is
the patron saints some bloggers choose-
here's my pick.


Anonymous said...

Jesus said that 'you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free',
why do you still worship Mary?
Jerrome first translared the Bible in around 500ad and it common knowledge that he made mistakes, for which many men burned when they pointed these facts out. the religious extreem is what Muslims also do but Jesus Christ was and is God and He said that you must be filled with the Holy Spirit!
It cannot be any more straight forward, the Kingdom belongs to the little children, okay Christian Brothers. these were the priests rapeing the children in my country and worse in Canada. plus the attempted cover up!!
do you reallt know the Truth thats sets us free?
Lover of God, Emerald Isle.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

My choice is Francis of Assisi

rhapsody said...


Welcome back:)!!!

Omigosh- hope all is well!

My mom would probably pick St. Francis or maybe St. Luke... only she doesn't blog- LOL!!!

Have been experiencing technical difficulties lately also- so if I suddenly *poof* away it will be computer problems...


Will be by to catch up- so good to hear from you:)

Anonymous said...

My favorite saint has always been Joseph. He didn't go out and do great things, he just reacted well to difficult circumstances. That I can relate to!

rhapsody said...

Hey Thomas!

I love St. Joseph, too-

& to quote Fr. Leo Clifford- we're all meant to be saints- all different & unique from each other, with our common goal of serving God with the talents & gifts He's given each of us:)

There have been many we can learn from who came before us- & are with us today:)

it's hard to pick just one!

rhapsody said...

Hi Robert,

I don't know chapter & verse by heart, & I'm not an apologist...

However, in the Bible it says that nations & generations to come would call Mary blessed. We honor our own parents- it's one of the Ten Commandments- we don't worship them, though. So we give the mother of God the respect she is due for saying "Yes" to God, & cooperating with His plan for our salvation.

It is also in the Bible that Jesus said there would be those who would give up sex for the reign of God- that would include ALL forms- & He made it clear that anyone who hurt a child would be punished. Also, from Simon then Peter, to Joseph now Benedict- He gave authority by way of the Holy Spirit to bind or let loose. They are not without sin, however- some more than others- Jesus addressed this when He said (in the case of some) to do as they say, not as they do.

Christ made the example of the good Samaritan- & our Lady's miraculous appearances in Fatima, Lourdes, & Guadalupe show God's concern for all His children of the world to live according to His Words. Mary always points the way to her Son- always. Blessed are they that have not seen, yet believe- is Biblical, also.

There are Catholic Q&A forums at EWTN- there's a link on the right or you can type in Catholic Apologetics in a search engine- there are unfortunately some organizations that call themselves Catholic that aren't- I'd go with EWTN as they have excellent resources.

Thank you for writing!


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