Sunday, August 13, 2006

Excellent posts

from Terry, as usual...

Rather than blab on

your blog, (link) Terry,
as usual- I'm going to
comment here, briefly.

I do understand about
not being too literal- and
I know that you know
that I know that you
know, what you're talk-
ing about.

So, just so you know, I'm
not taking down my little
mini-statues & magnets &
holy cards that I have at

Other people display what
they like-

& this is America...

so... Yay!




Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

People need to be surrounded by what they love and what is meaningful to them. I have no problem, even as a Protestant clergyperson, having crucifixes hanging in three rooms, Buddha statues throughout my house, the Hindu triad Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva displayed, and various Native American shamanic items. That’s who I am.

rhapsody said...

Thanks so much for writing, Nick-

Respecting different beliefs is so important- yours is an excellent example of acknowledgement & respect for others.

Sometimes people aren't exactly willing to discuss why they believe what they believe. Have had many interesting discussions with friends of different faiths- but they are always discussions... not arguements.

& I am thankful, because that's one thing I don't believe in- being arguementative!

Terry said...

Perhaps I was too harsh...keep all your decorations. (That would have been an excelent comment on my blog however.)

Should I take away comment moderation? Maybe I will.

Thanks Rhapsody - do you realize I spelled your name wrong on my links? How dumb is that?

Terry said...

All righty then. I corrected the spelling of your name and did an add on message in the body of my text with a direct reference to you. I hope you are happy.

My next post will be about the abuse of freedom of speech in America - I'm so just kidding.

Also - comment moderation is off.

Thanks for your good comments!

rhapsody said...

Very, very dumb, Terry:p

omigosh! Forgive me- you have to know I'm kidding!

You are not harsh- or dumb- at all! You can spell 'rhapsody' any way you like- which I spell with a small 'r'- shades of ee cummings, who we read in hs- "what if a much of a which of a wind" seemed very rhythmic to me. Anyway, I will answer to both spellings:) & it's not my real name- which is often misspelled- but again, I'll answer to either...

Well, keep the comment moderation if you are having problems. That's not why I didn't comment on your blog. I just don't want to be a pain- also, I sometimes have difficulty commenting. I edit myself to nothingness- & then figure it doesn't matter what I have to say, anyway. Or, that it really isn't helpful- something about that ripple effect...

Decisions, decisions...


rhapsody said...


I posted before I saw your comment- but it's sticking- this is my blog & I reserve the right to make a complete fool of myself...

okay- going to check your blog...

be right back...

rhapsody said...

It's lovely~ thank you...

now, gotta go read your latest post!

Michelle said...

Nick is so right. I think anything that provides joy and a sense of calm should adorn our place of work :o)

Merle said...

Hi Rhapsody ~~ Thanks for your comment. Glad to know the Chocolate Rules will
be applied ASAP Enjoy, Take care, Merle

rhapsody said...

Hi girls:)

I agree with Nick also, Michelle-
the post I originally was referring to stated that we shouldn't adorn our work place with items stating our beliefs, as among other things, they might be distracting to others.
I responded by saying that many people have preferred items at their workspaces- me included. And no one seems to mind at all, either way. It's more of a myob environment.


Yes- I have already begun counting chocolate-covered raisins as one serving of our recommended daily allowance for fruit...

Thanks again:)


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