Saturday, August 12, 2006


No more commentary,
Terry? (link)

Not on
Abbey-Roads, either?

What happened? I'll
have to comment here
from now on, & refer to
your posts...

n'est pas?


Terry Nelson said...

Hi Rhapsody
I had some people who wanted to pick fights with others who commented on my posts and who got insulting - I removed them from my links and also removed comment posting - now, since I discovered Comment Moderation, the comments thing is back up - I'll just have to screen them when I get home and then post them. So anyway - you can still comment. Sorry for the inconvenience. On Abbey I linked to Dawn Eden and the Harris Protocol for people to read up on blog ettiquette.

rhapsody said...

Thanks for letting me know Terry...

Well, it's good that you've got people talking & thinking (& hopefully praying!)- I'm sorry that some have given you a difficult time, however. I don't get many commenters, but have had a few that had to be deleted- always the same person, too- someone named "Anonymous".

Terry Nelson said...

That is funny - anonymous has been annoying me as well!


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